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Bachata Caribbean Style

Rudsel Magdalena & Nina Hansen: Biographies

Dance Company name: Salsation Dance Company  
Web site address:  

Contact: Rudsel -


Rudsel Magdalena was born in Curacao on 17th May 1969. His family moved to Aruba when he was one year old where he spent his next 17 years in the town of San Nicolaas, Aruba. When Rudsel turned 15 years of age, he began to master the art of break dancing, which sparked his dancing career. He joined the group called Pop City Breakers and gave shows all around the island. After two years of break dancing, Rudsel moved to Curacao for his studies, where he studied electrical engineering at MTS. In Curacao, he began to dance folkloric dances, and began to master the art of Latin dancing. By the year 1995, he was one of the best merengue dancers on the island.

In 1996, Rudsel got caught with the salsa fever. He saw a Dutch group called Crema Exotica, and they inspired him to start dancing salsa with more intensity. Rudsel teamed up with a spectacular dancer, Tibisay Goede, and entered the salsa championships in 1996, and ended up all the way to the last round of the championships at Keizershof in January of 1997.

After the big contest, Rudsel has represented his beautiful island many times in the world salsa congress in Puerto Rico in the years of 1997 and 1998 and performed on the same stage with many of the salsa greats such as Francisco and Johnny Vasquez, Salsa Brava and Angel Ortiz, attending World Salsa Congresses in places like Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Toronto. In addition, Rudsel has been invited as a special guest instructor to schools in the Netherlands on two occasions thus far.

Currently, Rudsel works as an instrument technician at ISLA refinery, and in 1999 started his own dance school, Salsation Dance Company!

Ninoshka Hansen or Nina as she is normally known also dances with Salsation Dance Company.

Nina’s dancing career started in her early years when she took ballet classes and later switched to tap dancing. She quit dancing after a few years to focus on other sports.
In 2002, her passion for salsa was sparked after her aunts dragged her to a salsa party at Zeilhaven Brakkeput. It was there where she met her fiancée Rudsel Magdalena, leader of the dance group Salsation, who invited her to take classes. She took a break from salsa to graduate and it wasn’t untill 2004 that she picked it up again when she started assisting Rudsel during classes. From that moment Nina’s dancing has improved with big steps. In 2006 she joined the show team and attended the World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico. After that experience, she performed on many occasions with the show team and within a short period of time Nina became known for her great spinning techniques. She is now Rudsel’s dance partner and instructor at Salsation Dance Company. Nina makes sure to keep improving her style with every step!


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