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Bachata & Merengue Video Reviews


Carlos Cinta

Bachata Thrillogy vol 1

Level: Beginners

General Comment: As the name suggests this DVD is meant to take you from zero knowledge of the dance to dancing a reasonable social Bachata. It does so by introducing the basic steps, the basic turns for man and lady, the basic concepts of leading and following and some simple elements of styling. Once this is done, these elements are mixed and combined into 7 turn patterns which will help you to practise and get going in your social dance. Once you think the DVD is close to the end, you will find a few more sections with further instruction on how to time your lead and following, and a few more hints on styling. Here Carlos’ very sensible approach to the dance comes out quite clearly: don’t overdo it, don’t exaggerate the hip movement, simply be natural and in tune with your partner. I like Carlos’ style, the DVD and the teaching; although the editing and organisation of the DVD could have received a bit more attention. I think it is a nice introduction to the dance.

Reviewed by Fabio of SalsaIsGood - Good

Bachata Thrillogy vol 2

Level: Intermediate

General Comment: This DVD starts with a number of basic elements covering both individual style and footwork as well as couple work. We then enjoy a full song demo in which the elements, together with a number of turn patterns, are demonstrated. Finally, the turn patterns are broken down and explained individually. I like the way this couple dances, it is simple but cosy without the exaggerated sensuality we are so often forced to associate with Bachata. The turn patterns have a noticeable salsa influence in the arm work, but the way the guy leads them is distinctively ‘Bachata’: the turn patterns are lead slowly, gently and sharply at the same time. The instruction is good, mostly provided by the guy with an occasional intervention from the lady, when needed. The DVD production is very basic, which is a pity, and it is most noticeable in the sound quality which makes the vocal explanation not very clear. Also, when a zoom in is needed, we have to watch the cameraman dislodge the camera from the tripod, walk close to the dancers, ask them to position themselves, walk back to the camera and re-lodge it on the tripod, all this while we hear his comments. I suppose this is a stylistic choice, though a perplexing one. Trying to forget this, if we stick to the ‘content is what counts’ rule, then we can say that there is surely something to learn from this Bachata DVD, both in style and material.

Reviewed by Fabio of SalsaIsGood - Good

Bachata Thrillogy vol 3

Level: Intermediate

General Comment: This DVD follows the same format as Vol 2: a few extra elements to decorate your Bachata and 9 more combinations. If you liked Vol 2, you will like this one too and you will find more turn patterns to add to your social Bachata. One difference in the turn patterns in this volume is the use of occasional dips, nice ones, short and never too emphatic. The general style is still very pleasant, very intimate, still very ‘true’ something to easily incorporate in your social dancing.

Reviewed by Fabio of SalsaIsGood - Good

Bachata Thrillogy vol 4

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

General Comment: In this DVD Carlos and Cathy remind us that Caribbean Bachata is different from the modern Bachata we see in most clubs nowadays. Rather than executing turn patterns, moving a lot on the dance floor and over emphasising hip movement and close embrace, Caribbean Bachata is mostly about footwork and synchronisation with the music. He takes us back to the beginning in the basic steps, shows us how to place accents on beats 4 and 1 and how play with the footwork on the bass guitar. Then he introduces some simple syncopation and shows how to include this in partner work. It is a nice DVD, with Carlos and Cathy’s nice feel and, like the rest of the Thrillogy series, with a low-tech, down to earth approach, which also includes some bloopers interspersed to the actual teaching..

Reviewed by Fabio of SalsaIsGood - Good











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