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Salsa Rhythm & Timing
CD - $19
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Salsa On The Beat

Salsa Rhythm & Timing Instructional CD

A great way to practice your salsa steps whilst you perfect your timing. A basic dance class plus music tuition in a single CD. Made easy by using vocal, visual and written instructions.

Unlike other rhythmic CDs, here each instrument is isolated and analysed individually. They are then reassembled one by one to form a full salsa band.
An ideal tool for both dance students and instructors alike. Dancing "on the beat" has never been so easy!
"..I would strongly recommend your product to my students as a 'must-have'.." MarioB

"Your CD on Salsa timing should be in every dancers collection...." Rick (

"I've researched a few timing systems for Salsa music, and I like your CD the best" Jemadean, (

"I thought the CD was outstanding. For years I struggled to find the "one" in salsa. Finally an instructor told me about the Salsa is Good CD. I listened in the car on the way to work each morning for week. I now can find the "one", the "two" etc.
The instruction is clear, helpful and for those of us with no music background a huge help. If this CD can help me find the "one", it surely can help you.I highly recommend it to all aspiring salsa dancers...."
"It has helped me a lot ... and at a concert this Sunday I could really hear the Conga :) Just amazing" Michael (
"Your "Salsa on the Beat" CD is excellent. Like many other people, I went through months of Salsa lessons, but did not have a clue of how to hear the beat or how to find the 1 and 5. Your CD helped me understand what to listen for. Now I can find the 1 and 5 in most songs. Dancing on time is still a challenge, but I am making progress. At least I hear the beat." (Karl broomekf at earthlink . net)


Track List

1) Introduction Salsa Music Notes
2) Conga, Vocal instructions Salsa Music Notes
3) Conga, slow, with counting
4) Conga, slow
5) Conga, medium, with counting
6) Conga, medium
7) Conga, fast, with counting
8) Conga, fast
9) Conga with only accented notes, Vocal Instructions
10) Conga with only accented notes, with counting
11) Conga with only accented notes
12) Clave (2-3), Vocal Instructions
13) Clave (2-3), slow, with counting

14) Clave (2-3), slow
15) Clave (3-2), slow, with counting
16) Clave (2-3), medium, with counting
17) Clave (2-3), medium
18) Clave (2-3), fast, with counting
19) Clave (2-3), fast
20) Guiro + cowbell, medium, with counting
21) Guiro + cowbell medium
22) Piano medium, with counting
23) Piano medium
24) Bass, Vocal Instructions
25) Bass medium, with counting
26) Bass medium
27) Conga + Clave, medium, with counting
28) Conga + Clave, medium
29) Conga + Clave, fast, with counting
30) Conga + Clave, fast
31) Full percussion section, medium, with counting
32) Full percussion section, medium
33) Full percussion section, fast, with counting
34) Full percussion section, fast Salsa Music Notes
35) Full band, medium with counting
36) Full band, medium
37) Full band, fast, with counting
38) Full band fast
39) Salsa exam, Vocal Instructions Salsa Music Notes
40) Salsa exam
41) And finally...   Salsa Music Notes

CD Description


Dancing will just feel right

This CD is specifically intended for salsa dance students who wish to perfect their timing and for instructors who may want to use it as a teaching tool.
It has been designed to address the fundamentals of salsa timing and synchronization to the music. You will learn how to distinguish and follow each individual instrument in a salsa band and how they blend together to make up the magic formula of a salsa song. It will create a whole new dimension to your listening and understanding of the music.
This CD is not meant to replace a regular salsa dance course. Rather it complements it by focusing specifically on rhythm and timing details that often cannot be covered adequately in a group class.
The proper understanding of timing is the best asset for a social dancer. Mastering basic steps with perfect timing is not only essential for proceeding to more advanced levels of salsa but it also makes dancing far more enjoyable. "Dancing will just feel right."

CD Format

This CD presents rhythmic examples of six instruments typically found in salsa bands. They execute common salsa patterns both individually and in various combinations.
In order to help you "find the beat" and synchronize your dance to the music this CD contains three different types of tracks. Tracks 2, 9, 12 and 24 contain vocal explanations of the typical clave, conga and bass salsa rhythms. These tracks will help you to understand the rhythmic patterns and to match your steps to the music.
Subsequently, for each individual instrument and their combinations we have included both tracks with a voice-over count and without. You should learn to listen to the beat by using the tracks with the voice-over and then check your learning by verifying your timing in the tracks without the voice-over.
To make your learning progressive, most tracks are repeated at three different speeds; slow, medium and fast. We recommend that you start by using the slow tracks to improve your timing and then proceed to the faster paces. Practising at a slower pace will also help you to achieve a better style, by controlling and fine tuning your dance movements.
Finally, in the second part of this booklet you can find details about the structure of salsa music, basic salsa dance steps and the role of each instrument in a salsa band.
  Salsa Timing Package - Testimonials
(Salsa on the Spur of the Music + Salsa on the Beat)

"The Timing CD is awesome. It has already taken my dancing to a new level...... The timing set is a must have for dancers of all levels. Thank you for making such a great set" (

"Thank you so much for your work.  I just finished watching "Salsa is Good - Salsa on the spur of the music" and it has completely changed the way I view dancing and leaning salsa.  I've been taking classes for a year in Bermuda and your DVD has helped me to only just begin the journey of truly feeling the music when I dance.  Particularly the dance clip at the beginning of Stacy Lopez dancing with his wife.  I've watched this clip numerous times and shown it to all my friends.  It is truly inspirational, I went dancing later in that night and I swear I could feel a difference" (Jamael,

"I've researched a few timing systems for Salsa music, and I like your CD the best" (Jemadean,

"Salsa on the Spur of the Music is my absolut best DVD, I love it. Till now I watch it 3 times and I will watch it more. (Wiltrud, wiltruds @ gmx dot de)

"The Salsa on the Beat CD is very good. It is the best I have found. That is why I keep ordering more" (karl, broomekf at_earthlink net)

"super CD Salsa on the beat - exactly, what I was looking for." (The customer wishes to remain anonymous)

"Your "Salsa on the Beat" CD is excellent. Like many other people, I went through months of Salsa lessons, but did not have a clue of how to hear the beat or how to find the 1 and 5. Your CD helped me understand what to listen for. Now I can find the 1 and 5 in most songs. Dancing on time is still a challenge, but I am making progress. At least I hear the beat." (Karl broomekf at earthlink . net)

"A must to have CD for people like me who just can't understand the beats. It made a huge difference to me. I never knew what I was looking for, when listening to a salsa song. I could dance to the counts, but the moment a music is ON I used to be lost. Now I know and I am happy that I decide to buy the CD. It is really worth it..... " (Anil)

"I thought the CD was outstanding. For years I struggled to find the "one" in salsa. Finally an instructor told me about the Salsa is Good CD.
I listened in the car on the way to work each morning for week. I now can find the "one", the "two" etc.
The instruction is clear, helpful and for those of us with no music background a huge help.
If this CD can help me find the "one", it surely can help you. I highly recommend it to all aspiring salsa dancers..."

"The DVD is wonderful. I love that way it explains the different instruments and Stacy and Lucy the effortless way they dance with joy. " (Elva,

"As a starting point of every effort related to the salsa dance I consider Salsa on the Spur of the Music, because you answer the basic
question: What the dance is?
When students (and teachers as well, of course) know this, then they can progress in a proper way and enjoy dancing soon. Because many of them have an idea, that the dance means figures. This is even supported by amateur teachers… Certainly I can say that you are not selling "vacuum" like many other "instructional DVDs" producers successfully do" (

"..we are right into salsa on the beat and salsa on the spur of music, and both are great! So far we had no time to look into the other dvds, but these two alone are worth it!" (Sam,

"Your CD is excellent - I am playing it all the time when I am in the car. It is strange ... Then, I go to your DVDs to learn these instruments at home. I can feel that I am getting better at catching the beat, but I still have long way to go. It is fun and fulfilling exercising with your DVDs and listening to the CD. Thanks for your great works. I will look forward for your Vol 4 DVD!!!" (Velmani, pvelmani gmail com)

"This is exactly what I was looking for. You have done a great work and I appreciate it very much. I am very satisfied and would recommend to my friends." (Bilal,

"I am very pleased with both the cd and dvd. the stuff covered by these discs is extremely helpful in getting a deep understanding of what makes latin music so special and different from western musical traditions,and also ,and very important, in a dancer on 2, I find this material extremely helpful in improving my dancing" (Carmen,

"I did receive the order and an EXTREMELY pleased with it. I have been trying to get my timing down in salsa for some time now and your product finally did the trick for me. The voice-over explanations for timing to each instrument, the breakdown of each instrumental and its synchronization with the clave, and the voice-over count, made it possible for me to understand the actual structure and individual components of the salsa arrangement. My dancing has improved 100 percent. I recommend this product to anyone having trouble with salsa rythmic timing or who simple wants the music and how it is danced to" (William,])

"I got the CD and the Dvd..I must say : Real, real good. Very helpful and pleasant to watch and listen to" (Hung,

"They are FANTASTIC! I've taken beginners' salsa classes, and had a lot of trouble with the rhythm in the music, so the DVD and CD are going to be extremely helpful. I'm going to use them until I start to understand salsa rhythm a lot better, then I'll start taking classes again. It'll make dancing a lot more fun! " (Kol Kol,

"I have been praticing what I learnt from your CD and it works great. I'm more confident in doing patterns these days. Thanks to you, the miracle worker!!!" (Thach,

"The timing music CD has simply improved the timing within a few weeks for those with a more musical ear than counting the CD has helped integrate the counting into imprinting the rhythm into the feet! Again another wonderful product!" (Robin,

"The timing CD and DVD are just great. Period. I beleive that anybody who is learning how to dance Salsa should have it, and practice it, until felling it completely in the veins." (Ladislav,

"The timing cds are a must-have for all salsa learners. Wished I got them sooner" (Dino,

"This Package is very well done and the CD has been of tremendous help in helping me understand the structure of salsa music" (Eric,

"I also wanted to say this product is really awesome and far better than a Salsa timing CD I first got (different vendor)" (Jonas,

"This dvd teach's Master level timing secrets which will help any Salsa student progress to the Master level. Highly recommened by" (Neil from

"I LOVE this video! Anyone should buy this!!!!" (Annjette from

"I´ver purchased the salsa timing audio course and i´m very please with my purchase. Been strugleling with finding the beat in the salsa music. The audio timing cd has broken down the salsa timing concept which make it easy to and understand and give you the knoledge which lead to more confidence in finding the beat in the music." (Milton Hebbert <miltonth 198 at hotmail com)

"I have recently purchased and received your Salsa on the Spur of the Music DVD and CD products. I am extremely happy with my investment. I have been especially motivated by the introduction segment with the video of Stacey and Lucy Lopez." (Dan,

"I like your timing DVD a lot" (Zheng,

"Your dvd on the spur of the music is one of the best dvds i ve seen, you get to know things that others probably accumulate through years of experience" (vasilios,

"As an intermediate dancer, I purchased "Salsa on the Spur of the Music" and "Cuban Salsa for Non Cubanos." I found the videos very helpful in understanding more technical aspects of salsa dancing, such as musical interpretation and how to improvise in a social dancing context" Murray (

"The part with Stacey and Lucy is really extraordinary, never seen a dance so simple and cool. The other dancers are also very good... The suggestions on how to keep the time and on teh common timign mistakes are really useful.." (Roberto,

"I and the wife absolutely love the DVD's. Especially Salsa on the Spur and Beat makes a big deference when u understands and dance to the beat.
Thanks again and I will definitely purchase future items and highly recommend your products to anyone who will listen."

"I am very satisfied with your products. The rhythm of salsa is really well explained on the CD and the Video. It is a must for everybody who wants to learn Salsa. Continue to develop more products of this type." (Frank,

"I think that you had made a great work in the explication of the timing of the diferents styles and with the elements of the rythm... the explication about the clave and congas is great.. i find very interesting are the ideas for develop the spontainety and expressivity..." (Ramiro,

"Great DVD!" (Peter,

  "I enjoyed immensely watching the Timing DVD. The opening scene depicts one of the master artists in salsa -Stacy Lopez dancing live on stage in San Juan Puerto Rico. ....  This video is a First in explaining the basics of the dance , which actually is the most important in dancing, more so than any figure or complex turn. The  introductory clip of Stacy Lopez is the theme of the video impressing on the viewer the importance of  being able to understand the music and more importantly feel the music; and dance like Stacy Lopez inside  the music" (Alan,

"It is very helpful. A really good video" (helen

"It is a great video. I now have a better understanding of Salsa music" (Mike,

"Congratulation! It's just excellent!" (Luca)

"I'm am very, very happy with the content and production values of both items. In comparison to other salsa videos, I enjoy your rather unique style of making videos -its a unique style, and very good content" (William,

"This video is UNIQUE for the information it provides" (Luca,

"Your set is a very useful aid to improve the perception of Salsa-rhythm. It doesn´t exist any comparable product on the market". (Alex,

"The Salsaisgood CD and DVD on Salsa timing is wonderful and a must for any one learning or seeking to improve their Salsa dancing..... The simple and easy to follow program will have anyone dancing in time very quickly I can't recommend it enough". (Lee,

"Loved many of the details which can help anyone to become a talented dancer. I wanted to say thanks for putting this DVD together". (Jesse,

"I have reviewed your CD and I must tell you it is the Number 1 Best Product of this kind in the market.
I personally do NOT give recommendation of ANY kind, however I am a true believer and supporter or your product. I would strongly recommend your product to my students as a 'must-have', as their investment will pay for itself twofold.
Absolutely wonderful, on a scale between 1 to 10, I give it a 10+"
MarioB is known as one of the top teachers, dancers and salsa organizers in NY

"....Besides teaching Salsa several times a week, I am also taking teacher training in San Francisco and I recommended your CD to the instructor. She played several tracks during our class last Monday. Then one of the trainees who bought the CD a couple of weeks earlier told them how much she loved it. Well, it was a pretty convincing testimonial so right afterwards, almost all of the trainees wanted one! The instructor even bought one herself. I actually haven't heard anyone yet say anything negative about your CD......" Roger Yamat, Salsa Instructor, US,

"I have well received your DVD within 5 days after your order confirmation and i am really very happy with it.
I will tell you why i am happy with it; I am following lessons cuban salsa for about 2 years and we all know a lot of figures BUT almost everybody have sometimes problems of dancing on the right rhythm. For me personnaly it is going very good on some salsa songs but somethimes it is very difficule to hear the right pattern...this is certainly a big issue when you have a live cuban salsa band who sometimes change the pattern and than i have problems. With your DVD i learned that you always can find your beat with help of the different instruments..and indeed i went to some salsa partys and i felt more secure and i was dancing really on the right rhythm even with difficult songs.It went that good that i even was dancing with someone who was only familiar with LA STYLE but we were dancing great and she followed very nice and this is because you can more play with the music,you feel more secure. When people start with salsa there are not many schools who explain you those patterns like in your DVD so i recommend everyone this DVD and i feel sorry that i was not earlier informed about this DVD but its is not to late..i now can really relax dancing and have really fun without being insecure about the patterns"

"Your CD on Salsa timing should be in every dancers collection, especially new dancers, but experienced ones as well. It is so well thought out that anyone can understand this complex Salsa beat after listening to your CD (I have CD's and VHS from 5 other instructors around the world and this is the best by far)" Rick Patton, Salsa Dancer,

"I was impressed to find how exceptionally well put together this CD was. I didn't have a clue how to find the conga beat with all those instruments playing; and now it is easy. Thanks for the great CD. I am taking it to class today". Tom Shay, Salsa Student,

"The timing cds are a must-have for all salsa learners. Wished I got them sooner" (Dino,

"Would recommend to any salsa student struggling to hear the beat" (chris,

"The Salsa on the Spur of the Music is really nice. I really bought that set for my son but I found I learned a few things as well! ... my 16-year-old son has been taking salsa lessons with me for a while but he really has difficulty with timing. I am confident that this series will help him tremendously" (Melissa,

"Your cd is very helpful I think it will take awhile to stay on beat, but your cd has given me great pointers on how to identify the beat. The part of the cd where they say the beat is excellent, I also love the instrument cues" (jose, address withdrawn)

"I received the CD, it is awesome!" (Donna,

"By the way their (SalsaIsGood) rhythm and timing CD is one if not the best i have come across! " (SalsaForFun in SalsaForum,

""Salsa on the Spur of the Music" DVD is excellent" (Ondrej,

"I got the dvd and cd, great products, I enjoy them very much, I find them inspiring. I was born in Cali, Colombia, and grew up in there, I really appreciate tnis style of salsa dancing" (Jaime,

"very fast shipping, very helpfull for couples never finding the same "one". We love to dance on bass and rhythm's only." (Gabrielle,

"2 years ago they bought their Salsa Rhythm & Timing Instructional CD which has taught me a lot and has improved my dancing in a very significant" (

"The DVDs and Cd on timing are excellent" (])

"Your service was great. Got the package in less than two weeks. Yes I am happy with the contents - spells out details that I didn't get in classes. Good tip I got - get the timing right rather than just doing the figures" (])

"Thank you for your CD, it is great." (

"It is a DVD very well made. I am delighted" (])

"Yes, I received the ordered DVD in good shape and short time (within ten days). It has already helped me much in identifying the "one"
and "two", and in keeping the tempo. Salsa is not the easiest music/dance for non Cuban people, and especially for older people as I am. I used to go to some dance schools when I was about 20, them life took me away from it... until my 73 ! So thanks for the valuable help you provide with the recorded lectures."

"[About Salsa on the Beat]... i never realised i could listen and pay attention to the conga and the man's and woman's voice all at the same time. my ears are opened" (rabin EXPRESSO)

"I have received the Salsa timing CD and DVD. They are both excellent products. So much so that I have placed the order for Salsa Timing Exercises DVDs set" (Rajeev,

"This product is really good" (miguel, miguelangelll_at hotmail com)

"I got the CD. I'm very happy with it. It filled in some of the holes that were missing on my other timing CD, like having both claves for instance. I also like the fact that it include 3 different speeds included. I will most likely be ordering more products in the near future! Thanks so much" (Anna, acrace at_verizon dot_net)

"These products work well and are easy to use. ... I've used the CD extensively. I think you have done well in producing these items and I now hear the rhythm instruments much better and plan to dance on the beat more often" (Art, aray62 at

"CD well received, thank you! Your product is verry good! I listen it once and I've been really satisfied of what I heard. .... I was really looking for a CD in which I could learn tricks to teach my students" (Melanie, melanie.simard _at macartedaffaires _dat com)

"I am currently using the CD salsa on the beat and it's really helpful to my dancing and also enables me to enjoy the music so much more" (Tom, tomn _ freeloader at

"Both the rhythm CD and the DVD were much better than I had expected. The CD has helped me tremendously by breaking down a complex piece of music into tracks of individual instruments, or a combination of just two or three instruments. .... The DVD has some very inspiring dancing and IMHO drives home the whole point of dancing -- it's all about feeling the music and expressing it; not just fancy footwork, flashy turns, etc. All in all I am very satisfied and wouldn't hesitate to recommend both the CD and the DVD to anyone" (Hilary

CD - $19
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DVD - $30
Click for more info
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