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Cuban Salsa (Casino Style)

Our DVDs in Cuban Salsa, that is, danced 'on a circle'. A must, when your DJ plays Cuban Son or Timba music!

Some people think this is out of fashion, but Cuban Salsa is still alive and kicking, especially in Europe, where many salsa schools require beginner dancers to start from Cuban Style before proceeding to Puerto Rican.  Besides, you want to be able to dance with anyone and to any type of salsa music right?

Salsa Personal Training, DVDs
2 DVDs - $60 $50
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Once upon a time, when a salsa dancer wanted to exercise alone, all they could do was to practice shines, spins or styling. Thankfully that’s all in the past now! Now you can practice your partnerwork by yourself, anywhere in your own home. Improve your flexibility, agility and speed, the coordination between your armwork and the music and also between your armwork and your footwork

Main Features: Use this DVDs in two modes: you can either watch or exercise with it, You can practise with looped exercises at your own pace for as long as you need, If you have a partner you can practice together with the exercises for couples, both with music and counting, You can test your learning, your style, your memory, and your agility by following the instructor doing all the exercises in a sequence

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33 (!!) turn patters, enough to dance 2 entire salsa songs without ever repeating a move. A set of unusual Cuban style moves for social dancers, who want to broaden their repertoire and make their dancing more natural and creative.

Main Features:

  • 33 moves (12 moves from the Cuban repertoire plus 21 original figures), some easy some very complicated
  • Learn to dance Cuban salsa without having to be Cuban.
  • Watch the moves from different angles as if you were on the dance floor.
  • Understand more with the slow motion sections - no need to rewind!
  • Time your figures from the start with step counts on every frame.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking West Australian scenery in the background.
  • Extra long 70 minutes video...

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    DVD - $25
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    Advanced Salsa Figures in NY/LA and Cuban Style, DVD
    DVD - $30
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    15 Very Unusual Advanced and Super-Advanced Salsa Turn Patterns with explanation of how to convert moves between different styles of salsa. Knowing many styles adds to the repertoire of emotions and expressivity you can incorporate into your dance. Don't make the salsa style you know determine how you dance! Make the music and your mood determine which style you dance and how you dance it. This video will help you to achieve this. We will show you that it is very easy to adapt moves to different styles, and that moves are just tools for dancing, not the dance itself.

    Main Features: 15 moves in 4 routines, Learn each routine inNY/LA (slot style) and in Cuban style (in a circle), Clear explanations on how to convert moves, Vocal and written explanations, 3 different camera views in the same screen, salsa rhythm counting on every frame, Demonstration clips of different styles - worldwide, Extra long 70 minutes of viewing

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