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Styling inspiration from amazing dancers

Some amazing dancers who starred in our DVDs. Here are plenty of styling ideas to rehearse, absorb or just enjoy watching
Salsa with the Stars, 2 DVDs
2 DVDs - $60 $50
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Don’t miss out on the most original, rich and diverse salsa DVDs ever produced!!! Want to learn some cool new moves? Want to look at how these moves appear in a different style? Do you then want to see how the stars add styling and subtle changes to make the same moves look really special? How about 43 international salsa stars in 3 hours over 2 DVDs?!!! Salsa with the Stars has it all!!!! Never before have so many dancers collaborated in an instructional DVD series. Never before has so much talent, creativity, and salsa magic been collected into a single work. Never before have the best from all corners of the salsa world been brought together in 2 DVDs for you to learn from. No matter what you look for in a salsa DVD, you are bound to find it here.

Main Features: 15 long moves divided in 5 routines, multi-angle views on the same screen, detailed explanations, slow motion and beat counter on every frame, multi-language: English, French & Italian.

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Bachata Caribbean Style Vol 1 & 2, DVD
Vol 1
Vol 2
DVD - $30
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DVD - $25
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  • Learn how to move well... shoulders, hips, arms, feet.. and how to put it together
  • Get some ideas on how to go beyond basic steps so you can follow the music more freely
  • Learn how to hold our partner in different ways according to the music, your mood and the intimacy between you and your partner.
  • Dance an unlimited number of Bachatas, making them all different and all amazingly beautiful, by just using these elementary concepts
  • Like in so many other Latin dances, the main purpose of the lady in Bachata is to look beautiful. Enjoy the luxury of taking as a model three dancers who do not require much effort to look beautiful, and be inspired with their naturalness and simplicity...
  • while the man shows off his technical skills. Have a look at 4 very good male dancers displying their abilities and absorb some style influences.
  • but the coolest part comes when the couple does the 2 things at the same time…look at how 5 different couples achieve this while dancing to different music
  • View all dance demos from two different angles simultaneously.. so you don't lose any details

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    Feelin'Merengue, DVD
    DVD - $22
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    A collection of ideas on how to interpret, enrich and decorate your merengue: find out how to decorate your moves, improve your styling, learn how to interpret your Merengue, progress to enriching your dancing, learn how to improvise, gain more creativity and originality in your Merengue, view some magical Western Australian backdrops, learn interesting moves at different levels of difficulty.

    Main Features: 18 Merengue moves which can easily be incorporated into salsa or other dances, Start with the easy to learn basic movements and progress to a range of figures that are easy to lead, Watch the moves from different angles as if you were on the dance floor, Understand more with the slow motion sections - no need to rewind!, Plenty of hints are given both for improvisation and styling to make your Merengue more creative and original

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