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Timing, rhythm & music interpretation in Salsa

Timing Training Set$120

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The magic of dancing 'in' the music

Our timing DVD starts with what is, by far, our favorite salsa clip. It is a piece of magic from Stacey and Lucy Lopez (in the photo). We have traveled most corners of the salsa world, seen thousands of dancers, but nothing in our opinion compares to this clip. It is simply the most beautiful piece of salsa dancing we have ever seen. It has it all, happiness, joy sparkling from every beat, perfect merging with the music, naturalness, everything...

Nevertheless the clip does not contain any salsa figure, nor any shine. There are no dips, no acrobatics, no rehearsed decoration, no long studied stylistic moves. In fact, this clip does not even contain a single double turn. There are only basic steps, spontaneous footwork, Cross-body leads and decorations fully improvised on the spur of the music. More importantly there is a beautiful, natural and un-choreographed coordination between the dancers. The dance explodes with joy. The smiles seem to scream out the enjoyment of salsa. We cannot avoid feeling a smile of pleasure blooming on our own faces every time we see this clip.


I was once told (by Delille Thomas, from NY, another of my heroes) that a good dancer is one who makes you see the music. Surely Stacey and Lucy make us see the music. This arises, at least partly, from being fully one with the music. Some people, like Stacey and Lucy, have talent, they dance with their heart and with their stomach. Others, us included, have to rely on the brain. Our timing CD and timing DVD aim at the people who need to use their brain to understand the music better, and hopefully push it down into their heart and stomach, one day.

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