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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to purchase SalsaIsGood DVDs

Get them shipped or download them

What is the difference?

  • Use this type of button Shop to buy our DVDs and we ship them to you.

  • Use this type of button Download Salsa DVD to buy our DVDs and you download them to your computer (no shipping costs, no waiting for delivery).

  • How to download the DVDs

  • Once your payment has been processed, you will be redirected to the MamboIsGood web site where you can register and proceed to download. Your registration information will be sent to you as a reminder, in case you wish to download the DVDs at a later stage.
  • After you register, you will be taken to a web page where you can download your DVD. Click on the link and you will see a screen like this one.

  • Save the DVD file somewhere on your computer
  • Keep in mind that DVDs are very large files. The download may take a while.. how long depends on the speed of your internet connection.

    The reason these files are large is that you download an actual DVD from our site, not a single video clip.

    The reason why you download an actual DVD from our site is that our products need the DVD menu controls to provide a number of interactive features.

    Salsa Salsa file

    How to watch the DVDs on a TV set

  • The DVD file is in zipped format. Unzip the file you saved (your computer should know how to unzip the file; in case it did not, download this freely available program at
  • You will see two folders: ‘AUDIO_TS’ and ‘VIDEO_TS’
  • Burn a DVD by copying the two folders to a blank DVD. The DVD will now be ready for your DVD player

  • How to watch the DVDs on a computer

  • You do not need to burn the DVDs.
  • Unzip the downloaded folder as described above.
  • Any DVD player software will now play the DVDs saved on your computer.
  • Several of our DVDs have some interactive features. To make the most of these features we recommend you use the following media-players. They should already be on your computer or you can download them free of charge.

  •   PC Mac
    Player Windows Media Player Standard Mac 'DVD Player' software

    To watch a DVD with WMP

  • launch Windows Media Player
  • click on File->Open
  • look for where you saved the DVD and open the folder 'Video_TS'
  • open the file VIDEO_TS.IFO,
  • this will open the DVD main menu.
  • Once the DVD is playing, in the Windows Media Player control bar (close to the bottom), you will see appear a button called 'DVD' (at the leftmost part of the control bar). That includes all DVD controllers, as if it were a remote control on a TV DVD player, and you will be able to use all interactive menus.

    Several MAC users are not aware they have this software in the computer. Other Mac apps play video clips, but you need to use this software to watch any DVD (not just ours).
  • Alternatively, XBMC (freely available here) is an excellent player both for PC ad Mac . Highly reccomended (shareware, smooth transitions between loops, works very well)
  • still not clear? need more help? have a look here or e-mail us

    Are you having troubles ordering? Is this not clear?
    Please let us know, by e-mail ... Don't be afraid to ask... We will help!


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