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Today's Salsa CD reviews

Gorbea Wayne & Salsa Picante - Saboreando Salsa Dura En El Bronx

For a while Gorbea Wayne has been one of the leading figures of contemporary salsa music in NY, producing and spreading around the world what is called 'Salsa Dura'. As the word may suggest, this salsa sounds raw, unpolished and the recording itself gives the feeling that you are listening to a small band playing live in your room or in your club; quite a lot of people like this sound, quite naturally the dancers who like to dance to live music. For what regards myself, I am not particularly moved by it so I rarely use it for my practises, but if you have been dancing for a while it is likely you have heard some of these tracks already, so my judgement should not be taken as mainstream. My favourite one is "Nelida" with a slight son feeling, followed by "El Yo-Yo" and the Son Montuno "Son Picante" which you can dance as Cha Cha Cha. All other tracks are salsas, which the exception of "Guajira Inspiracion", another Son Montuno, and "No Me Lieves", a bomba.

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Today's Salsa DVD reviews

Amanda Estilo - Ladies' Styling

Level: Advanced

Style: NY

Content: Ladies' styling.

General Comment:When it comes to ladies’ styling, it is hard to get much better than Amanda and this DVD does her justice. Most would agree that the difference between commoners and good dancers is the ability to execute certain difficult passages and the difference between good and top dancers is to make such challenges look easy and natural. If we agree on this definition, then Amanda surely belongs to the top of the top because what she makes look natural is not only physically challenging, but also often stylistically flamboyant and yet she manages not to make it look so. All the material on display looks simply to ‘belong’ to her, with the mix of elegance and feline strength which made her internationally renowned and admired.

This DVD is for everyone to admire but maybe for fewer to aspire to, unless you are prepared to face reality and possible defeat. The material presented is difficult, requires flexibility, strength, agility and exuberance; plus, unless you are a performer, it may require a fairly charismatic personality to employ it on the dance floor and get away with it. If you are one such lady, this DVD is gold. If not, I believe there is no shame in admiring and not emulating and you may still like to see how beautiful salsa can be in the hands of a master.

Reviewed by Fabio of SalsaIsGood - Recommended

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Salsa articles

On2? Which On2? I am writing this post to all experienced salsa dancers out there, and in particular to all salsa instructors. I have a question which hopefully will spark an e-mail exchange from which I may understand a few things which are unclear to me. In order to put this into context, first a few 'facts'.

Fact 1 . Roughly speaking, most people dance salsa either On1, or On2 Modern Mambo (NY style) or On2 Classic Mambo (Puerto Rican style also similar to Cuban contratiempo). Today Modern Mambo is used more frequently than Classic Mambo at congresses and salsa classes around the world.. more...

The Salsa 10 Commandments: 1)You shall not dance out of time, 2) You shall not refuse a dance to a less advanced dancer , 3) You shall respect other dancers on the dance floor more...

Creativity, Style and Salsa: How can I be creative in my dancing? How does SuperMario come up with his incredible moves? Did Eddie Torres invent NY style? What is style? Who creates a style? What does it mean to be creative anyway?

There are no objective answers to the above questions. They all, one way or the other, depend on subjective views on the artistic expression we call salsa, on what we like, and on what we intend by salsa in the first place. But we can still say reasonable things about the matter and make the creative process clearer and possibly easier. What follows are some thoughts of mine, mostly borrowed from my maths background. I am sure all this must have been said already within the art or humanistic literature, and if you are aware of work in this area please let me know, so that I can learn more.

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